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BIM DAY 2012


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ASCAAD 2007Conference | Embodying Virtual Architecture

[20.8.2007] ASCAA0's Third International Conference on Computing in Architectural Design, 26 - 28 November 2007, to be held at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt.


Media Architecture Conference, London

[19.8.2007] The Impact of Building Integrated Large Scale Displays on Urbanism and Architecture. Developments in display technology and building materials are leading to new forms of hybrid architecture that break away from existing conceptions of surface, structure, lighting and moving imagery. Light Emitting Diode (LED) displays integrated with the fabric of built structures allow prominent imagery to be integrated with the façade, even in direct sunlight. Although energy requirements are practical only when displays are used in less bright conditions, there remain significant consequences for the townscape and urban environment; cinematic topias as pervasive as Minority Report and Blade Runner have become technically feasible.


eCAADe 2007 Frankfurt

[30.7.2007] The eCAADe 2007 conference will be hosted by the FH Wiesbaden and FH Frankfurt during September 26 to 29.


Výstava Cecila Balmonda v Dánsku

Místo: Dánsko, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Název: Cecil Balmond a Arup AGU | Frontiers of Architecture
Trvání: 22. 6. 2007 - 14. 11. 2007


Rozhovor | Michal Kutálek

[15.6.2007] V druhém letošním čísle ArchiNEWS které vyšlo počátkem června, naleznete mimo jiné také zajímavý rozhovor s mladým nadějným českým architektem Michalem Kutálkem.


Architektura je pro mě vědní obor

[25.4.2007] tak zní nadpis rozhovoru Jaroslava Hulína s Pavlem Hladíkem, ve kterém Pavel říká: "S počítačem abstraktní myšlení nemizí. Je to cesta, jak zkvalitnit navrhování.


Michel Rojkind: Rising Star

[14.3.2007] Michel Rojkind is not yet 40, and he’s only been designing buildings for a dozen years. (He was a rock ‘n’ roll drummer for a decade before — not your typical architecture career path). But he’s fast gaining an international reputation that places him in very heady competition. Since 2002 Rojkind has had his own Mexico City shop, rojkind arquitectos, which was recognized in 2005 by Architectural Record as one of the world’s 10 best “design vanguard” firms. He’s built about 15 projects to date in Mexico, has multiple projects underway worldwide, and has been short-listed in competitions in Canada and Spain.

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