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BIM DAY 2012



Digital Architecture London Conference

[22.8.2009] To celebrate London as a centre of design and innovation, the ‘Digital Architecture London’ Conference will take place at the Building Centre on 21st September 2009. Presenting a selection of London’s leading architects, artists, designers and engineers, the conference will examine how London is shaping the digital future of the built environment.

Introducing the latest developments in digital design practice, the conference will explore new spaces, social interactions, design and fabrication processes, and speculate on architecture’s post-digital futures. DAL09 is directed by Ruairi Glynn with the support of London Digital Week, The Building Centre, Arup & The Bartlett School of Architecture


Distributed Intelligence in Design - workshop + symposium

[21.2.2009] The GC workshop consists of hands-on activity, with tutors drawn from the most important groups investing in computational design in industry and academia. The goals of the workshop will be to explore in depth what can be done with computational design tools by the attendees. It will create a critical forum based on professionals who actually practice the skill of parametric and computational geometry. The workshop will be a great opportunity to meet and work with the most important players both from the academic and commercial worlds. The workshop is supported by Bentley Systems and the SmartGeometry Group, and organised in collaboration with MInD Research Group, University of Salford, UK.The symposium will investigate the emerging concept of “Distributed Intelligence in Design”. Experts, intellectuals, academics and practitioners in the field of architectural design and production, considered to be leading figures in the field, will debate the direction of technologies and practices that are deemed as influential in setting the agenda for future research, practice and education.

The symposium is organised in collaboration with the Sub-working Group, Free Form Design (FFD), of the International Association of Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS), MInD Research group of the University of Salford, RIBA Northwest and the Centre for Construction Innovation (CCI) in Manchester.


Shape to Fabrication 2

[18.10.2007] Thursday, 25th October 2007 - Following on from the popular Shape to Fabrication Event held in November 2006, Simply Rhino Ltd (in association with Metropolitan Works) are proud to announce a larger event for 2007.

Whereas last year’s event majored on the new technologies in the then upcoming Rhino v4, this year we will be placing a larger emphasis on in depth customer stories. To this end, some of the world’s leading architectural and engineering professionals are presenting on how Rhino is becoming an increasingly important tool in their industries.

There will, of course, be some presentations dedicated to new technology and we are delighted to announce that Bob McNeel, CEO of Robert McNeel & Associates - the authors of Rhino, will be both presenting and available for discussion at this year’s event.
Simply Rhino


OCEAN NORTH 1998-2008

[29.9.2007] A decade of performance-oriented Design. Influential group OCEAN NORTH will exhibit in France. The opening of the exhibition at the FRAC centre [Fonds Regional d'Art Contemporain] in Orleans is scheduled on Thursday 07 February 2008.


Logic of ONL

[28.9.2007] From the 3rd of october until the 24th of october the N&n gallery in Budapest houses the exhibition ONL Logic of ONL [Oosterhuis_ Lénárd]. ONL has been invited to compose the exhibition in the most frequented architectural gallery in Budapest due to winning the tender for the Budapest Közraktárak building. Visitors will be offered a prime experience, as powered by Philips 3D solutions ONL will present the CET Budapest project on the 42-inch 3D WOWvx display, a threedimensional 42 inch screen. Visitors to this exhibition can experience a complete presentation of the office of ONL [Oosterhuis_ Lénárd], our projects, our publications and our visions.


3D Portraits: Architecture Meets Animation

[7.9.2007] Mexico City-based architect Michel Rojkind and art director Vivian Rosenthal of Manhattan’s Tronic Studio have a lot in common. Both work with top-level international clients. Both are multi-disciplined creatives: Rojkind was a drummer in a popular Mexican rock band, while Rosenthal has an M.A. in architecture. And both use 3D Mac applications to develop and produce their work.


New web page of OCEAN NORTH

[6.9.2007] OCEAN NORTH has a new web site.


The Frontiers of Architecture I

[25.7.2007] Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Denmark
Due to popular demand, the exhibition has been extended until 14 November 2007. Designed by Cecil Balmond, Frontiers of Architecture I, the first in a series of four architecture exhibitions presented by Louisiana, traces the history of number and pattern going from Plato to Mandelbrot. There are two major art installations by Balmond. One that explores 3D fractal structures and the other, the H_edge, which has been described as "an Indian rope trick". Intricate displays of Balmond¹s recent projects and the poetics of their structure are exhibited in the final space together with a historical wall on Arup. The exhibition has received top ratings in the press as a "must see show" and as one of the best-designed exhibitions at the museum. The exhibition was originally scheduled to run until 21 October, but will now continue until 14th November.

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