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Shape to Fabrication 2

[18.10.2007] Thursday, 25th October 2007 - Following on from the popular Shape to Fabrication Event held in November 2006, Simply Rhino Ltd (in association with Metropolitan Works) are proud to announce a larger event for 2007.

Whereas last year’s event majored on the new technologies in the then upcoming Rhino v4, this year we will be placing a larger emphasis on in depth customer stories. To this end, some of the world’s leading architectural and engineering professionals are presenting on how Rhino is becoming an increasingly important tool in their industries.

There will, of course, be some presentations dedicated to new technology and we are delighted to announce that Bob McNeel, CEO of Robert McNeel & Associates - the authors of Rhino, will be both presenting and available for discussion at this year’s event.
Simply Rhino

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