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BIM DAY 2012



Distributed Intelligence in Design - GC workshop + symposium

[21.2.2009] The GC workshop consists of hands-on activity, with tutors drawn from the most important groups investing in computational design in industry and academia. The goals of the workshop will be to explore in depth what can be done with computational design tools by the attendees. It will create a critical forum based on professionals who actually practice the skill of parametric and computational geometry. The workshop will be a great opportunity to meet and work with the most important players both from the academic and commercial worlds. The workshop is supported by Bentley Systems and the SmartGeometry Group, and organised in collaboration with MInD Research Group, University of Salford, UK.The symposium will investigate the emerging concept of “Distributed Intelligence in Design”. Experts, intellectuals, academics and practitioners in the field of architectural design and production, considered to be leading figures in the field, will debate the direction of technologies and practices that are deemed as influential in setting the agenda for future research, practice and education.

The symposium is organised in collaboration with the Sub-working Group, Free Form Design (FFD), of the International Association of Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS), MInD Research group of the University of Salford, RIBA Northwest and the Centre for Construction Innovation (CCI) in Manchester.

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